Over the past year, the LUSTRE project has delivered:

_cross-sector network on born-digital archives, connecting government professionals with academics and GLAM professionals.

_4 lunchtime talks:

– Click here to read Giovanni Colavizza’s presentation on Towards AI-supported records management;

– Click here to watch Mhairi Aitken’s talk on Establishing a Social Licence for AI: video recording;

– Click here to watch Rob Bath’s talk on AI for Information Governance in Microsoft365;

– Click here to watch Professor Helen McCarthy’s talk on Exploring the Digital Record of Everyday Life in Covid-era Britain.

_2 hybrid workshops:

– Click here to watch the recordings of LUSTRE Workshop 1 – AI and born-digital archives: Challenges and opportunities.

– Click here to watch the recordings of LUSTRE Workshop 2 – AI and Born-Digital Archives in the Government Sector and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities.

– Click here to read the report on the first two LUSTRE workshops

_An in-person workshop at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland – Belfast

_ An online survey and 50 semi-structured interviews.

The LUSTRE project will deliver:

_open-access report and journal special issue;